While we are on the River, cell phone coverage maybe be spotty. But I promise, that will only add to our loneliness. So give us a call, come and find us, eat dinner with us, (we are having beans!), bring your own pork chop (and one for Eureka).

The Itinerant Locals are a formally untrained tuba accordion duo. We use a number of techniques to get inside your living room: we busk, we play coffee shops, we play bars, nursing homes, funerals, weddings, restaurants, house parties, raves, bar mitzvahs, surprise birthday parties, singing telegrams, and office meetings. And of course we sell CDs.

The Chances of catching us are 29754 to 2.3 with a raised scale depending on the average percentage in your area. Why not drop us a line, you never know, we could be anywhere from 5000 to 2 miles away. It's hard to say.

Our musical style varies from Verdi to VanHalen, depending on your musical needs. We play originals, eclectic, circusy, traditional music, tarentellas, polkas, waltzes, buttrock, and yes, we both sing.

Though we don't do much in the way of planning ahead, we often swear to each other that we're gonna start. Real soon. So give us a reason to buy some gas! We're probably already on our way, we just don't know it yet. Give us call and see why we are often called "Genuinely entertaining", "A fun night out", and even "On crack." You won't be dissapointed. Unless you don't call. Then you will be.






To contact us, email:


or Call:

(501) 282-3546