Too many photos! Must have two pages.

Here the family gets to Maine, goes to Vermont for 5 minutes,

and returns again to Arkansas via Cleveland.

of course.

The Freeman/Tockartz family in Daramiscotta, Maine

The only form of transport from lobster trap to lobster trap.

Eureka practices her yoga while the boat undergoes repairs

Esme and Eureka.

The "Bounty" where Aaron spent his days, and we drank some beer.

Our one day of work as musician crew.

Zephyr wanted to stay the rest of the summer...

Dream big dude

Eureka has abandoned the accordion for the tuba

What a lovely state!!! The people were so nice!!! The weather was great!!

Now to Cleveland for a change of hair and to crash a perfectly nice party

The nice family. Bob and his two wives. I mean, sisters

Zephyr gets his first classical music lesson

Laundry break in Ashland, Ohio

last gut bomb before home!!!!


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