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Eureka Kudzu Smith

Born December 19th, 2003

Nine pounds, eight ounces
Twenty one inches long

Eureka (yoo-ree-ka) interj. Used to express triumph upon finding or discovering something. [Gk. heureka, I have found (it), supposedly exclaimed by Archimedes upon discovering how to measure the volume of an irregular solid, and therby determine the purity of a gold object.]

Kudzu (kud-zoo) n. A vine, Pueraria lobata, native to Japan, that has compound leaves and clusters of reddish-purple flowers and is grown for fodder and forage. [J. kuzu.]

Smith (smith) n. 1. A metalworker, esp. one who works metal when it is hot and malleable. Often used in combination: silversmith, goldsmith. 2. A blacksmith. [ME < OE smio.]