Eureka lets Zephyr in on a few things


Zac in his finest for the Film Festival Gala Thingamajig

Captured Audience

We were able to fire the nanny with all the help we get around here!

Child Labor in Arkansas.

Our typical Saturday night gig at the German Haus.

The Town Hippies helped us paint our cabinet

Eureka's first carousel ride with her Mimi

Eureka got her first job at Alltel selling phones. We are so happy for her!

Little Spud on the sofa

Four cousins in Greer, SC for great grandmother Smith's funeral

Eureka showin me a few licks on the ol' squeezebox

Eureka is about to show how much she loves her new brother

Thanksgiving Fish in Arkansas and the happy hungry family

We are the envy of our the neighborhood with our new indoor swing

We are trying to encourage Eureka to try many different things before choosing a career

Hey! What?

Eureka reads to her great grandmother Smith


Eureka does some alternative reading

The last peach of summer................

Whose cuter?

Family Literacy

Spud's forehead message reads, "Hooray! Slept all Night"- I am certainly hoping this behavior will continue, although Zac continues to insist nothing has changed...

Our Thanksgiving Fish from Seattle (on left)

Zephyr showing off his sleeping skills for his great grandmother Todd

I can't stop with the accordion pictures!!


Cousin Zoey and the fashion tips. (is there a band name in there?)

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