Eureka makes our loveseat oh so much more lovely

The duck man lives

And the duck man sleeps

Our turtle roommate (he only stayed one day)

The buddy

The kids didn't know how lucky they were when the president of our country came and took them for a hayride. Part of his toddler-dandlin' was reaching out to the children of itinerant musicians.

If you want an earful, you can ask Zac yourself what this picture was all about. let's just say, dinner was awful quiet that night.

There is just something about sleeping children that I love, maybe it's the peace and quiet?

And here is Fred, in the guest quarters, setting up his outside Arkansas mixing work station.

Part of the pleasure of being treated like family is getting to change the oil on the van.

And getting to watch movies with the kids.....

And getting to watch me burn leaves (and almost the house) for the first time

The kids had a blast this fall, until we noticed this was also the outdoor kitty litter.

Here is Di, the only reason we got anything done this fall.

The Flower Show kids....This show was the culmination of all our work with Fred. One day we will release the CD.....

This is the Wanamaker Organ in the Macy's, in downtown Philly

The countryside of Pennsylvania, in the fall.


Well behaved children with their electronic babysitter at Thanksgiving in Eureka Springs

So this was our house the when we bought it.

Here is a really bad "before" picture, I'm just showing off now...

Here is our own personal painter of light, Eureka Kudzu (this is the same part of the house as the picture to our left)


and this is how it looked after we painted most of it (missing final touches, please, we'll get to that....)

This is proof that Moody Andrews came to visit us.

Eureka turned four this year. And there is the cake, by Karen Holcomb to prove it.

For her birthday, we took her to see the Christmas lights

On the way back from Philly, we stopped in NC for Newtoween!

Our great friend Bob took a bunch of pictures of the kids for Christmas presents, these are a couple from the B roll.

This year for our Christmas gig, we went all out, which is why Santa brought me an ipod.


Christmas in North Carolina, can you tell who's who??


Kids LOVE love!

Zephyr and Michael just promised to share trucks FOREVER!

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This fall, Fred Hawkinson came to live with us for a couple of months, we recorded an album with him, we had a nanny named Di for the kids living in our trailer in the front yard, Ryan Power lived in the Clark for a couple of months and helped us paint the house....We were running on full occupancy. And we made a very quick trip to Philadelphia for a Zoppe' event with Fred. Music, Management, and House Paint. The Movie.

Zephyr dropped a weight on his toe during one of our gigs....A cry for attention, no doubt.