This is a journey through our fall, where we took two trips to North Carolina, Christmas in Florida, Thanksgiving at deer camp and lots of Arkansas dwelling in between.

Eureka and Zephyr at their easel.

The freshly remodeled backporch A.K.A. my sewing room
or where I hide from the kids if I've taken too much Xanax....

Eureka's THIRD birthday!!! (she baked that cake herself)
What do your kids do?

Eureka grasping large scientific procedures

The birthday wagon

AND the Christmas wagon!!! (now for sale)
(just kidding, mom)

Unruly children shortening the life of yet another perfectly
good mattress.

My remodeling assistant.

Fall camping with Bob and Karen (product placement)

Zephry grows into his China outfit only months
after Eureka outgrows her China outfit.

Proof that chocolate IS good for the soul.

Not only do we give our kids chocolate, but we make sure they get plenty of coffee.

All the Roorda cousins in Florida, donned in their Christmas Pajamas right before their daily beatings.

Zac and Zephyr at deer camp. Zephyr just finished field dressing his first 10 point jackelope-
good on ya, son!!

While the boys are hunting, the girls practice their posture.

Eureka took this photo.

and this one too.

The kids aren't the only cute ones in this family. ok?

Gingerbread fun, till the kids turn pale and beg for protein.

This is right before they begged.

Great granny Todd is still a kick in the pants!

The children all had fun "feeding the deer", oblivious to the fact that they were accomplices to murder. ha ha ha!!!

Zac, throwing a wrench in mom's Christmas lunch menu with his "collard greens" Didn't he know we were yankees?

A picture says a thousand words.


Eureka and Mayan cross the Bering Strait for the first time.

Eureka revs up the Kubota

Tractor rides in North Carolina!! Whoo-hooo!!!

My favorite action hero, Booterlicious

Zac went a little overboard at Wal-mart this year, but our yard looked great!!!

Is anyone ever serious around here??????

Hymn time at the nursing home (Eureka does the pedals)

Already sightreading!!!

Pajama paint party in Little Rock

Zephyr always cheers up after a few

Zephyr spent a few weeks continually busting up his nose. Bravo!

The good life

The battle between the forces of good and evil at the swingset.

Tea party at mom's house. Another word for "photo op"

Eureka blew us all away with her rendition of
"Devil went down to Georgia"

Eureka's idea of camping. INSIDE the tent, please.

After this, Zac touched the Van der Graf generator with his tuba.


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