Fall, Christmas of 2008....A trip to Ohio for the First Annual Silver Baby Cup Golf Tournament, more Roofing, chicken pox, applesauce, cousins galore at Christmas, Florida, North Carolina,
Eureka turns 5

Eureka's Drawing, Zephyr playing his slide kid-tar

Zephyr joined Facebook this fall

Zephyr practices his cowpoke face

Zac and I yell at some non-tippers at this years Harvest Fest

Two out of three aint bad

Three monkeys

The Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock

Chef Eureka on her Easy Bake


This kid LOVES cars...

Zac tees off the Silver Baby Classic up in Athens, Ohio.

After everyone saw Zac play golf, we got to show them our REAL talents...

While Zac played golf, Zephyr worked on his dance moves.

Leaving for the trip at 5 in the morning.....

We put a new roof on the back porch of the house. We love co-roofing!

My new spinner clothesline. I am the talk of the neighborhood. First one ordered since 1957!

We spent Thanksgiving at deer camp with a slew of kids, obviously having a good time...

Canning some 'Arkansas Black' Applesauce.

The bunnies. Look calm huh? Don't turn your back. They'll chew anything. I mean ANYTHING. Which is exactly why they've gone to the bunny-sitter.

Zac's new hari coat.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if the kids will eat all their ice-cream????

Yup. I guess so.

We spared no expense on this years Christmas Tree.

Eureka rides the mechanical bull at Jose's.

Eureka's Christmas present came early, in the form of chicken pox.

Which basically translated into bean bags. Chicken pox, bean bags. Sounds fair to me!

When the bean bags wore off, I bought the kids a trampoline.

Birthday Pinata

On your 5th birthday here in Garland County, one can get their own library card. One can also pay her own late fines.

Birthday bliss!!!!

Cake by the facile Karen Holcomb


After the sugar frenzy, Bill brought them back to earth with a reading of "War and Peace"

Princess Eureka's Harem

We moved from one gift giving event, right into Christmas in North Carolina.


What do you think these kids are doing???? Now jump ahead 10 years, I would definitely regret opening that door.

TV watching with new presents

All that love just wore the kids right out.

The hugs, the hugs will keep you coming back for more!!!

Did somebody say doughnuts??????

Kids tables. A good or a bad idea????

Orange trees!!!!

This is what happens when I don't turn around in the car for about an hour.....

That really impressed my parents when we got to Florida.

Zephyr gives ipod lessons upon our arrival in Florida

All the Roorda cousins

Which one is cuter?

Eureka's new cousin Addison adoring her

The Wakulla Springs boatride

Trouble trouble trouble

Zac and Dad exchanging recipes

Cheetos roasting on an open fire....(seriously)

more trouble. You absolutely cannot trust these kids...

Zephyr learns about winter creek walking.

The manatee!!!!

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