Here is our spring, a trip to New Orleans, St.Patricks Day Parade, and general lollygaggin around Hot Springs.....

Our Weekly gig at the Brau Haus, upstaged once again by the smalls...

and she will!!

NOLA--our friend Ann's house

Playing at a NOLA soup kitchen

Our ragged out kids...Please send money.

waiting for Zac to sober up so we can drive home

Me, being brilliant with children.

Zephyr, doing some minor accounting work at the end of our fiscal year.

Our Fearless Leader

Alien spottings in Hot Springs

The Bob Nagy Family!! Ciao Baby!!!

See how cute I am?

Redneck yuppies

Storytime with Shea

Our St.Patricks Day parade theme-Mr. Potatohead.


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