The Upper Ouachita Float Trip had several components. First we did the Dragover Excercise back in February, then on April 7th we got in the canoe and went 40 miles down the Upper Ouachita River, landing near the top of Lake Ouachita.
On April 17th we did a publicity float on Lake Balboa in an Arkansas Electric Boat.
We bought a crazy party river cruiser for the Lower Ouachita River Tour, which leaves Saturday May2nd.
We also attended Paddle for the Planet, which had free doughnuts.

The bridge at Pine Ridge. "The Bridge" would become the landmark that would cause much excitement.

For those of you who followed us online, this was the antenna that tracked the trip.

Eureka looking so comfortable in her life jacket. you can see why she loves the outdoors so much.

The put in at Pine Ridge.

Zephyr considering pitching a fit at the Dragover Boat Launch. He decided to go with us after all.

Here is the Dragover takeout. Luckily, we didn't miss it.

This is Bob and Karen, heating up tea water with solar enegy (fresnel lens) while Zac, Zephyr and Cheryl floated the Dragover loop. Eureka was more interested in the solar process than the canoe. Hmm...

Arkansas wildlife. The first animals spotted.

A most glorious bridge sighting....Bridge=campground.

The wild rapids of the Ouachita River.

Our first night was at Shirley Creek Float Camp.

Zephyr didn't do a lot of fishing, but at least he was cute about it.

Eureka surprised us all by catching a fish the second morning out. We weren't watching, she did this all by herself.

One of those many explicative moments on the river, and yes, we got stuck underneath that. (no pictures were taken at that exact moment)


Like my mom always said, It is just as easy to marry a man that can cook.

Aaaah! The beloved bridge in the distance.

Nothing sets off a flower arrangement like a beer can (my mom also taught me that)

Day 3 was dreary to say the least.

Another one of those OH S@$!## moments. Luckily these were no longer connected. But we still managed to hit one.

One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer.......

Rain. It sure was peaceful, and it helped us save on sunscreen costs.

We all dried off by the fire, and Zephyr stuffed his face with marshmallows.

Dragover Flotilla Day. Making preparations for the party.

Around two everyone started showing up. We had a bunch of happy campers, but not too many floaters. It was cold.

Kid Zone. No adults allowed.

The boats jockey for position in the Dragover Queen Flotilla Race.

Kaolin never misses a chance to laugh at my hair.

And the paddlers are off. Mayan set the trip off by yelling the whole time, "We are gonna DIE!!!!!"

There we go, down the dangerous rapids.

This aint no disco!

Day 5: Sunny Skies

We picked up a paddler, Elizabeth Solleder. Who in our books is an avid outdoorslady, who can beat up your girl scout.

We are ready to take on the last day.

This is the final bridge sighting, which came about two hours later than estimated. We didn't really count on lake paddling for the last half of the day. And talk about wind. Oy!

The final photo, you can see we were more on the lake than on the river by this time.

The kids were so geared up, they paddled the tables at the Dairyette.

Roll out the Barrel, you crazy diamond!!!

Jerry and Sue, wondering if they were going to need their earplugs.

Zephyr, wishing his parents were bankers.

Zephyr seeks council about his childhood.

This is how she looks on the water.

This is how she looks on the trailer.

This is how she looks in our driveway.

This is after I scrubbed her, but before I painted her.

This is after I painted her.

Look ma! No deck!

And this is her with her new deck on.

Zephyr's safe spot is under the boat.

The paddlers, paddling on the planet

Eureka, wondering what the carbon credits would be for the doughnuts she ate.

Fervent paddling (for above mentioned planet)

The bridge on the planet that we were paddling to (Central Avenue Lake Hamilton Bridge, for all you map nuts out there)

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September Ouachita Float Trip

April 17th we went out with Jerry Dawson, and his wife Sue of the Arkansas Electric Boat Company. The idea was to let the Village People know about our tour, and hand out fliers. Unfortunately, the day was forecast to rain, and the only people out were the gardeners. But it was a great effort, and I have to say, the electric boat was cool, and quiet. And if I had a bunch of money and lived in the village, I would buy one.
Since electric boats are still out of our budget, we had to go with the more traditional Arkansas watercraft. The hillbilly heaven cruiser. The '78 Riviera. And man! Does she purrr. It is like our honeymoon all over again!
Then there was the Hot Springs Paddle for the Planet. This was when we went from Entergy Park to the Hamilton Bridge on a Sunday morning with the wind against us (both ways! Uphill!!)