Summer 2008- in two pages.
We went on a trip to North Carolina, bought a canoe, delivered our friend to Seattle via Denver, hauled a trailer back from Idaho, and came back to Arkansas and put our feet up at Lake Ouachita.

While the kids were away, I had another birthday. Cake by the fabulouso Kareno Holcombo.

The kids got to go to "Cousin Camp" for a week, while Zac and I stayed home and had a romantic week tearing down the shed that the tree demolished.

Our neighbor would come over and push things around on his tractor while enjoying some libations. That is what we call Happy Hour here in Arkansas.

My parents provided us with a sandbox (ground bandaid) to help us stop missing our termite eaten shed so much. And then Mom helped me paint the backside of the garage. What a lady!!!

For my birthday, I got the kids some bunkbeds....


This was a fundraiser for other kids (who were probably in bed sleeping), scroll over to see what my kids were doing.

Holy cow!!! Look at those americans!!!!

We buzzed off to North Carolina for a week.

Now look at these americans!!! in our fancy NEW(ly spraypainted) CANOE!!!!!!

The kids got to make their own belts while in North Carolina. Then we gave them a good whooping to show them what they were really for. (when I was a kid......)

Zephyr modeling his new belt.

The kids view of me picking blueberries. Give a kid a camera.....

The kids playdoh village, featuring Iris Cox on story.

Speaking of Iris Cox....

Guess which one is cute?

Picnic on a rock, by a stream. Just like North Carolina.

Why kids like summer. (do you think she is peeing?)

You might as well jump. JUMP!!!

We returned home to a fresh litter of BABY BUNNIES!!!
What a blessing. And bunnies are SO HARD to breed!! We're gonna get RICH!!!

They are still alive today because they are CUTE.

We hope to have literate bunnies at the end of this.

My new band toy. A transicord.

Sometimes when it gits reel hot, we load up the kids and head down to Walmart. They got free A/C!!! They like to set on the rides and eat peaches that their deddy borrows from the produce department.

Other times we just strip down nekked and eat ice cream.

Happy Fourth of JULY!!!!!


Me and my girl scout troupe. (I'm suspicious of the one in front)

Our big day on the party barge with Clayton and Elizabeth.

If Eureka doesn't win the cheerleading competition this year, things are gonna get ugly.

A man and his dreams.

This is how we get the kids ready for a gig.

Clayton and Zac proving that chivalry is not dead.

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