Summer 2006
from Arkansas to Maine

Annastasia and her family in Charleston, Mississippi

The Roorda/Smith Family Showdown in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Us, sporting our matching family T-shirts (now for sale on Ebay)

Free Accordion lessons to Hope, my niece

Maggie and Zephyr, the battle of the one year olds (don't trust them)

This is Dad taking the picture to your left

Yes! We were those people!!

Eureka and her grandma, up in the Appalachians

Hiking at Joyce Kilmer in North Carolina

Cousin Michael in the back there...

Help!! My parents are teenagers again!!!!

Too many family photos for this little guy

Get used to it, dude!!!

Eureka in her Greek dress

Hayley reminds Eureka of the many facets of lego's.

Eureka shows me her new hairstyling ideas

The Smith family 4th of July Festival at the folks house

Kid photo with Zac's granny

Zephyr and June, old buds...

Zoe walking the soon to be walking Spudly (thanks! Zoe)

Zephyr setting out on his first solo fishing expedition in N.C.

Zephyr tells a great story to his cousins

The hit of the summer was the book "Tractors"~Thanks Joyce!!

Swimming in N.C.

Eureka in Natural Tunnel State Park, Virginia

The chairlift down to that Natural Tunnel

Dinner with the Zoppe Circus Family under the bigtop in Tiffon, OH

The Smith Roorda Vanderhill Zylstra ladies in Ontario

Too many days on the road.....

Zephyr dreams of grocery shopping (my own buggy....)



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Camping at Clarksburg State Park, Massachusetts