Summer of 2007
Travelling with the Zoppe's, visiting Oma, buying a trailer, driving 10,000 miles, going to the lake.

A few of our favorite table decorations.

Arkansas mudbaths

Zephyr is going to spend a lot of his childhood wondering what these girls are doing.

Zac working on our winter heat in the summer.

I don't think this photo really needs an explanation.

Canton, Ohio we find our new travel rig, the perfect compliment to our van. The nice folks who sold it to us made us promise to stop cussing. Wasn't that sweet?!

And then it started. The Circus Tour....Ohio to New York, to Ohio to Chicago to St. Louis to Chicago....

The kids seat for the show

Some days we were just plain off our rockers. (Ok, most days)

It was so darn hot in St.Louis, the only answer was complete nudity.

Some days we all felt the crushing weight of our existence.


We met some folks who had a petting zoo right in the middle of Chicago!!!

Our idea of circus animals (we even let them into the trailer!)

My new box

I made my first solo mission out to Seattle for a few days.

I got so drunk I married one of my best friends. (luckily it wasn't legal, whew!!)

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